Who we are

Purvis United Methodist Church is located in the city of Purvis Mississippi. It is one of almost 900 Untied Methodist Churches spread throughout the State of Mississippi. Purvis UMC is a part of the Purvis/Talowah Charge.  This means that the two churches, Purvis UMC and Talowah UMC, share the same pastor. These two churches share more than JUST the same pastor however. They share a common desire to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to do those things that Jesus said we are to do if we are to be His followers!

Whether you choose to worship at Purvis or Talowah, you can have the opportunity to take part in things that are happening in either or both churches. 

Purvis UMC

206 Mitchell Ave

Purvis, MS 39475




381 Talowah Cut Off Rd

Lumberton MS 39455