From The Pastor

I love the story found in John 1:43 about Phillip and Nathanael. You see Phillip had been called directly by Jesus to come and follow him. Nathanael was not called directly by Jesus, he was told about Jesus by Phillip. 

The story of Jesus, Phillip and Nathanael is our story. Other than the first disciples, everyone that has ever became a follower of Jesus has done so because someone told them about Jesus!

Like Phillip and Nathanael, not everyone is at the same understanding of who Jesus is at first.. Sometimes we are skeptical and sometimes we simply do not believe at all. Truly, our stories are the same, only our names are different. Only after we begin to seek Christ can we ever hope to better understand who Christ is and what our relationship with each other and Christ can be.

I would like to invite you to come join us here at Purvis UMC and meet the same Christ that called Phillip and Nathanael and each of us to be his disciples!

In Christ,